Celebrating Miracles, Celebrating Light

Tonight is the last night of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, known as the festival of lights. This holiday also represents miracles above the "law of nature" for a small inexperienced Jewish army was victorious over their mighty Greek enemies.  And a small jug of oil that was suppose to last one night lasted for eight!

LIGHT & MIRACLES. These are reasons I've decided to blog a very special family tonight! (no comment on my MIA status). (Light= the secret to beautiful images. Miracle= identical twin newborns in same sack born healthy.)

I met Krishna and PK when they were about 24 (or so) weeks pregnant and looking for a Newborn Photographer in Los Angeles. She told me she needed to do her maternity session ASAP because she was pregnant with identical girls who were sharing a sack and she was to be hospitalized shortly for the remainder of her pregnancy. I squeezed her in as soon as I could and we hit it off from the moment we met! 

We did the maternity session at the colorful Venice Canals, in California. It was gorgeous scenery and so much fun to capture the love between these two.

maternity pictures los angeles
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Shortly after the session, Krishna was hospitalized until she was 33 weeks, when her water broke and she was taken for an emergency C-section. Her two beautiful miracles were born! 

newborn twin girls c-section

I got to meet Anaya and Sahana when they were already six weeks old. Due to their stay in the NICU Krishna warned me that they didn't love sleeping that much, but I worked my magic and we finally got them to sleep. Once they were deep in dreamland we had lots of fun!

Here you see the girls each wrapped in a Dupatta, which is a traditional Indian gown. Krishna wore many dresses in her multi-day wedding, and I had the privilege to photograph her brand new baby girls in them.

newborn twins dressed in traditional Indian wedding garb

Going straight to two kiddos isn't easy but these new parents did it with grace! They even had time to catch me in action! Thank you for sending me the behind the scenes image!

los angeles newborn photographer

It was really a pleasure working with this family and they gave me the biggest compliment. They want to reenact their wedding and have me photograph it! Let me know when you guys have some free time ;) Double congratulations Krishna and PK!! 

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