{S Famiy} Newborn Portraits Los Angeles

I often get the question “how do you do it all?” With my portrait photography studio and four boys, there's lots going on all the time! I’m always thinking that next week will be calmer, but somehow that just does not happen. As much as I plan, there’s always another surprise waiting around the corner. I have learned to embrace chaos and enjoy little moments. It is definitely challenging to create structure and boundaries between my business and my kids, but I'm learning that it is the only way to stay sane.

Chelsea is an amazing interior designer and just had her third baby. I know she feels the same way about being a mompreneur! For me, creating portraits for families is gifting them with a piece of this moment that they can keep forever. Although life passes quickly, beautiful images can bring you back to these special times to re-experience the love and emotion. 

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sleeping children portrait.jpg

The smell, the size, the feeling of the embrace, all come rushing back when you see a portrait.

Newborns stay tiny for a short period of time. This little guy won't fit in his mommy's arms like that much longer. How special is it to have these beautiful images.

I can't wait for this family to receive their album. As a designer, Chelsea recognizes that the best accessories for your home, are portraits of your family.

If you are expecting, and want to capture these moments for your family, make sure to reach out as soon as possible, for our calendar is filling up!

Thanks for visiting! Keep Smiling, Chaya